The FACC Philadelphia organized an event to discuss international innovation through gobal migration

The FACC Philadelphia organized an event to discuss international innovation through gobal migration

On September 27th of 2018, the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia (FACC Phila) organized an event to discuss international innovation through global migration.  A full report of the event is available in the FACC’s Newsletter (here). Below is an extract of the summary written by Alexander David Bervik.

FACC’s International Innovation through Global Migration: Canada – US – France program presented the impact that migration is having on innovation for each respective country. A diverse group of nationalities and professions attended to learn from the distinguished speakers. Michael E. Scullin, Laure Pallez, and Jonathan A. Grode all gave compelling and informative speeches. An entertaining evening with wine, cheese, networking, good conversations, and excellent presentations took place.

Michael E. Scullin, Honorary Consul of France in Philadelphia & Wilmington, and Counsel, McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter LLP, opened and closed the program. He briefly discussed business relations between France and the U.S. and gave information on French visas.

Laure Pallez, Deputy Economic Counselor, Embassy of France in the United States offered an optimistic view on why France is a great place for international business. President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed economic reforms to promote business development and welcome global business are a promising sign for international companies. France has one of the most open and inviting economies for foreign companies. A lower cost of doing business, a skilled workforce, high R&D incentives, a large startup ecosystem (La French Tech), the global, trendsetting city of Paris, and the lowest expatriate general tax rate all make France an excellent choice for foreign investors and businesses. President Macron’s ongoing pro-business reform agenda increases flexibility and predictability by improving human capital with a focus on vocational training and apprenticeships, while decreasing the corporate tax rate. France remains welcoming of both businesses and incoming talent.


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