Interview with Marjorie Chorlins, VP of the US Chamber

Marjorie Chorlins, Vice-President de l’US Chamber, European Affairs. Biography:

How has the perception of France evolved among your members?

Last year’s election of Emmanuel Macron was a very welcome development for U.S. companies that do business in France and for those considering new investments in Europe.  France’s economic turnaround has been impressive. French GDP grew by 1.9% in 2017, the fastest rate since 2011 [Editor’s note: this estimate has been revised up at 2%]. This was driven largely by new business investment and a sharp increase in domestic consumption. In many ways, this is a direct testament to President Macron’s reform agenda.

What impact do you think reforms in France have on investment ?

France has long represented an attractive market for U.S. investors. In fact, the American Chamber of Commerce in France was founded in 1894—making it the oldest U.S. business association overseas. France is a highly developed economy with a robust network of American investors across all sectors and industries. Both geographically and politically, France is at the heart of the EU Single Market.  A renewed focus on innovation, workforce development, and entrepreneurship bodes well.

What is the role of the US Chamber in deepening the France-US relationship?

For all of France’s strengths, it has been several years since the French economy was operating at its full potential. President Macron’s ambitious efforts to create a more flexible labor market, encourage investment, and invest in workers’ education are extremely welcome developments.

What is the role of the US Chamber in deepening the France-US relationship?

The Chamber prides itself as being a bridge between the U.S. business community and important economic partners such as France.

The Chamber has long been at the center of an effort to reinvigorate the commercial relationship between the United States and Europe. Today, the U.S. and EU share the largest economic relationship on Earth – including millions of jobs directly supported by transatlantic trade and investment on both sides of the Atlantic. Together, the U.S. and EU are world leaders in regulatory and trade policy. But there is much more to do. Both of our economies can only be strengthened by greater cooperation.  France can be a leader in this effort, and we look forward to collaborating with French government and business leaders to ensure that happens.

Marjorie Chorlins, Vice-Présidente de l’US Chamber, European Affairs